Envelopes - (Business)
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  • Full Bleed | Full Flood Coverage Available
  • Flap Print Available
  • Variable Addressing in Color or Black & White
  • Same Day and Next Day Turnaround (Digital Only)
  • Full Bleed | Full Flood Coverage Available
  • Flap Print Available
  • Variable Addressing in Color or Black & White
  • Same Day and Next Day Turnaround (Digital Only)


Envelopes can be a simple document container but can also be an important element of a document, particularly in businesses. Because in business, presentation is very important, businesses should consider the kind and style of document covering that they are going to use.

Advantages of Using Proper Envelopes in Business

Document containers are an indication of the state and significance of a business. Through these simple document wrappers, individuals, business entities and prospective customers will be able to distinguish the value and quality of a business. That’s why quality document wrapping is important.

Document coverings can also be an effective promotional tool for businesses. By having a custom-made envelope that bears the name, logo or other important information of the company, many individuals and entities will be able to see and even remember the originating company of the document.

Document coverings that are of high quality are also a sign of a reputable company, thus, having a high quality envelope will increase the credibility and dignity of a company in a subtle yet significant way. These notions may seem trivial to others. But enclosing an important document in a laudable envelope will subtly yet strongly exude the substance of the documents and the originating business itself.

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